Welcome to the Women-Centric Professional Networking Platform, where you join a community to lean-on and learn from.

We are on a mission to connect women with industry leaders and partner with employers to create opportunities.

Definition of word ‘Virago’ (Vir-a-go)

(n) A strong, brave, or warlike woman; a woman of great stature, strength or courage who demonstrates exemplary and heroic qualities
The word comes from the Latin word vir, meaning virile to which the suffix -ago is added, a suffix that effectively re-genders the word to be female.

For Women

  • Are you looking for some inspiration to thrive in your career?
  • Do you want to connect with like-minded career-focused females and industry leaders?
  • Are you considering a job change?
  • Do you aspire to turn your dreams into a reality but don’t know how to start/proceed?
  • Do you want to transition from a maternity break to getting a career break?
  • Are you looking for a boost to start a new career?

For Mentors

“We’re here for a reason. I believe a bit of the reason is to throw little torches out to lead people through the dark.” ~ Whoopi Goldberg

  • Are you passionate about elevating the status of women in the society?
  • Do you want to help craft a ‘Better-Tomorrow’ for future female generations?
  • Are you a leader who could potentially mentor other women to help thrive?
  • Are you a woman who is inspiring and could be an inspiration for other women?

For Corporates

  • Are you a corporate with forward-thinking mindset?
  • Do you believe in Gender-Diversity in the workplace?
  • Do you offer an equal-opportunity environment for women where they thrive & lead?
  • Are you looking for high-potential diverse talents who are motivated & determined?
  • Do you have open full-time, part-time or project based positions?
  • Do you offer Corporate Returnships, Trainings & Mentorship programs?

Women in Business

We are a strong, supportive and a thriving network.

If you are a woman in business and looking out to connect with like-minded female entrepreneurs to share and exchange ideas, discuss roadblocks and possible solutions, join the network today to build lasting connections and leverage these relationships to grow your business. Join as a member and create your Business/Company Page to start growing your network.

Share your Story

Sharing personal stories of accomplishment have a potential to give hope, to inspire, and to help change lives.

In a wide range of professional and personal contexts, stories are a proven medium to inspire, teach, clarify, and mobilize. A genuine story can win millions hearts and change the perspectives of many to deal with adversity or any uncomfortable situations. Are you ready to share your inspirational story with our community?

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