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Our ‘Forward-Thinkers’ Network


If you are a forward-thinking corporate committed to the advancement of women’s careers by means of promoting gender-diversity and creating equal opportunities for women in the workplace, we can’t thank you enough for taking that initiative and building a better-tomorrow for future female generations.

We understand that no program or initiative can prove to be a ‘Magic-Wand’ or a ‘Silver-Bullet’ to change the workplace environment to offer equal opportunities to women and offer a parity to the boardrooms and C-Suites where men and women are equal in count. The disparity has persisted from generations and now the transition will also be generational.

If you are a corporate who share the vision and values, we would love to collaborate with you to work on your available positions and create equal opportunities for women that they deserve.

At Virago Network, we look forward to partner with companies of all sizes and catering to all industries. Please connect with us to partner.

Our Corporate Partners

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