Who We Are

The Virago Network is an initiative to build a supportive international community of professional women, industry leaders and corporates from diverse industries to strengthen and improve the status of women in our society. We are on a mission to empower and positively change the lives of ambitious women across the globe.

The five pillars of the initiative are:

Build the Working Women community

To build a global community of working women where the empowered and successful would uplift other members by providing guidance, support, mentorship and exchange of ideas. The Virago Network strives to encourage women to Engage, Embolden, and Thrive personally and professionally with each other’s support, and also recommend to honor these valued partnerships.

Create the Archetype of Women as Leaders

Shine a spotlight on the successful working women across the world and share their success stories to inspire, boost confidence & create more women leaders. “The Spotlight” will be an ongoing interview series to publish success stories of the empowered women.

The Blog

Focus on Women Health & Lifestyle to empower them win the professional and personal challenges. The blog will share a range of articles and thoughts focused on women health and lifestyle.

Collaborate with Corporate

Creating a call to action by collaborating with the corporates to join the initiative and encourage them to re-assess their diversity philosophy and initiatives to support working women by creating a compassionate and vigorous work environment for them.

We will partner with the corporates who share our values and mission and will encourage them to share different available opportunities with the Virago Network members to help these women members build and grow their careers.

Virago Lounge

An open discussion & support forum for all the members of Virago Network to share the voices of working women, professional and personal struggles, work-life balance and recommendations.

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