About the Virago Network

Welcome to the Women-Centric Professional Networking Platform, where you join a community to lean-on and learn from.
We are on a mission to connect women with industry leaders and partner with employers to create opportunities.

Virago Network focuses on connecting highly successful and ambitious female professionals with industry leaders, mentors & organizations committed to improving gender balance in the workplace.

We are proud to work with organizations seeking to improve the global representation of female business leaders and committing to equality in the selection process. We are interested in speaking to all organizations, networks, and individuals who are passionate about gender diversity in the workplace and wish to impact and improve upon a culture of inclusiveness throughout their organization.

Virago network aims to support new/existing client diversity initiatives that are geared towards increasing the proportion of women across all levels in the workplace globally, ensuring full reach and engagement with highly successful women leaders & businesswomen to support those women who are under served.

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